Chanel belt

Chanel belt

Sometimes belts are ovelooked as a fashion accessory. However, they are an indispensable part of nearly everyone’s wardrobe. They can add a simple touch of elegance or complete your outfit, and furthermore, they serve to sublimate the inner beauty of the women who wear them with pride. Keeping this in mind, Chanel’s design experts learnt how to shape and craft leather belts into a variety of styles that to this day, continue to uplift the spirits of all those who sport them. In fact, it’s this exact variety of choice which Joli Closet aims to bring home to you. Throughout our stunning collection of leather belts, we guarantee you’ll find something that’s exactly what you’ve always been looking for.

Second-Hand Chanel belt At Reduced Prices
Through their multiple colors and forms, the variety of second-hand belts by Chanel offered on Joli Closet is guaranteed to win over your affection until the end of your days. In our collections, you’ll find attractive designs that ever so elegantly combine metal and leather or take your choice of our other styles such as the braided leather belt, full leather belt and metal belt. Belts are an essential fashion accessory and all women know that you need more than just one to be able to complete every outfit in your wardrobe. Therefore, Joli Closet offers stylish second-hand Chanel belts at prices that are lower than what you’ll find anywhere else. While they are second hand belts, they have been meticulously checked over by our stylists who take note of every single detail before being put up for sale on our website. Even better, aside from our selection of modern and trendy belts displayed in our shop, you’ll also be able to find many other vintage leather belts by Chanel. Here is a sneak peek at some of the belts that you’ll find in our collection on Joli Closet.

Vintage Chanel Belt
The name, “Adorable”, certainly rings true to this belt’s sleek and slender design. It is a vintage belt, however, with its stunning metallic make and color, it is certainly not less splendid than any other product from Chanel. It comes in at 80 cm in length and delicately incorporates the Coco Chanel logo on its buckle.

Chanel Gold and Leather Belt
Crafted with gold-plated metal and braided leather et another vintage second-hand belt by Chanel. This is an extremely rare collector’s model that comes in excellent condition. The belt’s entire design, from its leather sash to its golden buckle, is just something that you just don’t see very every day.

Chanel Black Leather Belt
Belts by Chanel are not always classic or vintage. However, the brand’s designers do their best to always add a hint of nuance to every new piece. So, if Chanel’s classic metal buckle was not enough to excite your senses, check out this brilliant belt with a gorgeous gemstone buckle. The belt’s body is cut from fine black leather and the buckle is covered in green and dark red gemstones.

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